QLCM Achieves Great Success In Bauma China 2018!


                                    BAUMA CHINA, originated from the well-known Bauma Munich, Germany, has become a global platform for construction machinery enterprises. Starting November 27th to 30th, 2018, Bauma China was held in Shanghai New International Exhibition Center(SNIEC), offering experts from the industry a platform for communication and self-display.


                                    The four-day show has seen a splendid accasion and many record-breaking data. We, QLCM, also prepared for this exhibition in advance, including the design and decoration of our stand, and inviting our customers to join and visit our stand E2, 881.



                                    Since the beginning of this year, construction machinery business has been booming, as a result the exhibition this year has drawn more attention than the years before. During the exhibition, we were visited not only by our new and old customers, but also by media and many experts from the same industry. Data shows that during the four days our employee received over 400 visitors, including our 150 customers from over 20 countries and regions. QLCM is enjoying more and more popular support.


                                    Not only has the exhibition offered us the opportunity to meet our customers face to face and display the QLCM company profile, but also it offered us the opportunity to learn from outstanding enterprices of our industry. By learning and sharing experiences we will continue to strive for better quality and service, providing our customers with whole pack of safe, stable and intelligent solutions of construction machinery.

                                    We’d like to thank all the visitors, suppliers and media, for all your support, and we will live up to your expectations to strive for a better QLCM with the spirit of craftsman!



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