The Developing Trends of Tower Crane


                                    In the future tower cranes will have a trend that medium-sized tower crane is to be topless type, large tower crane is to be luffing type. The luffing jib tower cranes is changing radius through variable jib angle so that without generating additional torque to the jib, which allows the counter jib to be relatively short and more space-saving. The topless tower crane, benefits from no tower head and the use of modular structure, is easily assembly/disassembly and its jib length is more flexibility. When several topless tower cranes are working on the same site, they don’t interfere in the working area of the other cranes on site.


                                    At present, most of the construction machinery has been using intelligent, digital and other advanced technology. But it has not yet been maturely applied in the field of tower crane. It the future tower crane control system will implement digital monitoring and intelligent operation which will be not only good for accurate, safe and reliable operation, but also can effectively reduce labor costs and increase production efficiency.

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