Luffing-Jib Tower Crane-QD85


                                    Max load:6t

                                    Tip load:1.5t

                                    Jib length:4m/40m

                                    Free Standing Height:107.3m

                                    • Product advantage
                                    • Specification

                                    1. Electrical control system

                                        Electric control system adopts PLC control, improving the reliability and safety;Using professional electrical appliance factory introduction of foreign advanced technology production of electrical components, 3 ~ 4 times longer than domestic element life, low malfunction, maintenance is simple, reliable work.

                                    2. Technical highlights

                                        Way of working, more wide application scope. This machine has leg fixed, chassis fixed, embedded bolt, exterior wall attachment works, for a variety of different construction object; The machine appearance for the international pop style, very beautiful; High working speed, good control performance, luffing mechanism, slewing mechanism, adopting the most advanced in the world, frequency conversion stepless speed regulation scheme, work more stable and reliable; Cab independent external, nice view, internal space is large, for the operator to create a good working environment; Various security devices are complete, and the mechanical or electromechanical integration products, adapted to the harsh construction environment, to ensure reliable tower crane work.

                                    Tower Crane ModelQD85
                                    ItemsMechanismSpeed(m/min)Hoist Weight (t)Rope Capacity (m)Motor(kW)
                                    Hoisting24LVF152 fall0-40 3345 〉345*24
                                    0-66 1.8
                                    0-80 1.5
                                    4 fall0-20 6
                                    0-33 3.6
                                    0-40 3
                                    Luffing24DVF25≦3.0min 2000mFrequency Control24
                                    Frequency control
                                    Torque 1x120Nm
                                    Travelling14TVF0-25Frequency Control2x5.2
                                    Working Range4/40m
                                    Max Load6t
                                    Tip Load1.5t
                                    Counter Jib7.6m 
                                    Mast Size LxWxH(m)1.6x1.6x3
                                    Max Free Standing Height35.3m
                                    Power380V/50Hz  380V/60Hz  440V/60Hz

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