Pre-sales Service

                                    With business idea of ‘People First, Pursuing Superiority, Meeting Users’ Needs’, QLCM sets up the complete sales & service network owned many professional sales rep. and technicians for the business. For many years, it has been insisting on going ahead, and making innovations aggressively on products, thus winning confidence from the customers at home and abroad.

                                    QLCM always adhere to such principle: “Credit first,customer foremost, quick response, best service” . All the time QLCM takes customers’ benefit for first concerning with sincere service, devote to building QLCM brand with high quality and supplying safe and reliable products for all customers. 

                                    Upon receipt of any information for product malfunction,QLCM will promptly response within 24 hours , Then offer technical instruction or supply replacement parts or dispatch technicians according to the malfunction situation at the earliest, to ensure the normal running of the machine and acquire the customer satisfaction.

                                    After-sales Service

                                    QLCM technicians will provide operation instructions and training for customers during the first erection of the equipment, and QLCM will offer technical support for free during the using of machines and supply spare parts with favorable price.

                                    1. The company will assume guarantee items of tower crane structure under normal operation condition due to manufacturing.

                                    2. QLCM technical teams regularly provide repair and maintenance work for the customer to sure the crane can operated in the best condition.

                                    3. Warranty periods for hoisting, trolleying, slewing and luffing mechanism mechanisms are one year and that for motors is half a year. 

                                    4. Warranty period for electric appliances is six months; 

                                    5. Pulley and brake are vulnerable parts not included in the warranty scope.

                                    CONTACT US


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